Saturday, April 13, 2013

there and back again...

Driving from Chicago to Toronto to Chicago. 

Looking at these pictures it's as if the water was 
with me. Leaving Chicago, driving along it's
Lake Michigan. As soon as I'm out of the city 
I'm followed by ominous clouds all the way to 
Toronto, the lake is with me, contained in a cloud. 

10 hours later, reaching Toronto, the clouds let loose, 
and the lake comes pouring down on the city. 

A week later on leaving, I take the most amazing 
wrong turn towards Niagara Falls, and the road 
opens up to Lake Ontario. Early morning Lake Ontario... 
wind, birds, bright sun. Good bye Toronto! 

Drive, drive, drive and 5 hours later I'm crossing 
Lake Huron, onto the island, United States. 

Back on dry land… for now.

chicago to toronto... and back... 2010

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